Spinning technology and innovative entities of products


Shanghai Huiru Spinning Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint entity that integrates national scientific research, professional design and manufacture, installation and commissioning, professional training and promotion of various types of CNC spinning technology, equipment and spinning products. In the spirit of "Ten Years of Grinding a Sword", after 16 years of continuous improvement, our advanced spinning technology and equipment have been matured in the production practice in many fields at home and abroad.

So far, our CNC spinning research scope and CNC spinning machine equipment have covered automobiles; medical and health; refrigeration and heating; water treatment; agricultural machinery; lighting; electricity; oil transportation; environmental monitoring; aerospace; nuclear power and some military Projects and more. It involves various types of spinning products to more than 300 types; materials include aluminum and aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys; low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, and some magnesium alloys and titanium alloys.

The spinning methods studied by our company include positive rotation, reverse rotation, plate rotation, tube rotation, internal rotation, shrinking rotation and flaring, including our original stepping spinning and so on. CNC spinning equipment has included conventional spinning machine, powerful spinning machine, single-wheel spinning machine, two-wheel and three-wheel synchronous and wrong-step spinning machine, etc.; also developed and manufactured powerful hot spinning machine and long tube CNC. Spinning machine. Thanks to many patented technologies, our CNC spinning capacity has reached a height of 12 meters (pipe rotation), a maximum diameter of 1.5 meters (plate rotation) and a maximum wall thickness of 12 mm (steel plate).

Our clients and clients cover more than 80 companies and universities in 14 countries and 14 provinces and cities in China. Among them, the world's top 500 enterprises account for 11%; famous listed companies account for 45%; universities and colleges account for 9%; military research accounts for 20%;Nuclear power and high-voltage ultra-high voltage power account for 10%.

Our company has a strong R&D team, including 3 professor-level doctoral supervisors and 5 doctors, and 3 senior designers from Shanghai Baosteel Group.


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