Spinning technology and innovative entities of products


Growing into a first-class enterprise in the 21st century

blue line

Basic idea

With the enterprise basic value standard, the code of conduct, the way of thinking, interpersonal relations, ethics and staff sense of responsibility, honor as the core; the company upholds the people-oriented, customer-centered, and strive to serve the community; at the same time, equal treatment of employees, balance the interests of stakeholders, promote good team spirit, and encourage Innovation. In the process of continuous development, we must keep the core values unchanged and march forward bravely.

Essential requirements

To tap and stimulate the enthusiasm, wisdom and potential of employees, to form a strong cohesion and motive force, and to develop the value orientation, values, style and behavior of enterprises into a unique culture of personality.

Business tenet

Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society. "Creating Value for Customers" puts the customer's needs and market demands first, and does every job well and every product well.

management idea

Integrity, quality, excellence and innovation. The mission is people-oriented, continuous research and innovation, and team spirit.

Sense of worth

Seek new, seek good, seek beauty.

corporate culture

Vitality team innovation value shaping the future.


An enterprise with wisdom, vitality and international outlook.

Enterprise spirit

Patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking and dedication.