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CNCspinning machine

  • Single rotary universal rotary machine

  • Single rotary universal rotary machine

Single rotary universal rotary machine  /  TLWH2084

The machine is characterized by high rigidity, high precision, wide versatility, mainly suitable for plate forming; suitable for most disc parts; barrel parts; taper and bus parts processing and manufacturing.
According to the production needs of different materials, various configurations of the equipment can be flexibly adjusted to better suit the spinning production of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, steel plate, stainless steel plate and other materials.
This machine is widely used in the hardware industry, lighting industry, cooking utensils and small household electrical appliances industry.

旋压机技术参数 (参考)
Technical Parameter List of Spinning Machine (For Reference)

机型规格   Model Specification


控制系统               Control System

西门子 Siemens

最大坯料直径        MAX Blank DIA

  300--1000 mm

主轴中心高            Center High

  350--550 mm

主电机功率(伺服)  Main Spindle Power

  7.5--22 Kw

主轴转速           Main Spindle RPM

  20~3000 RPM

执行机构           Executive Mechanism

滚珠丝杆/ Ball Screw

行程 Travel

X轴   X Axis

  350--500 mm

Z轴    Z Axis

  300--500 mm

最大尾顶力             Tailstock Force


Material Thickness

铝/铜  Aluminum/Copper

  0.5~6 mm

钢材   Steel

  0.5~3 mm

不锈钢 Stainless Steel

  0.5~1.5 mm

单旋轮              Double Roller


液压刀塔            Hydraulic turret